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26 June 2008 @ 09:04 am
As MOD, I'm invoking my MODly rights to do this...

I've seen these Drabble-a-thons around a lot lately, and I think they are a great idea. So... I thought why not do one for Sakura ships? I started to do this for myself a few months ago, trying to write a drabble for each Sakura ship. I didn't get very far, I'm sorry to say. But, I still think it's a good idea. And yes, this idea was shamelessly stolen from kaiwynn.

Banner by rosweldrmr

  1. The Drabble MUST include Sakura, preferably with someone. Though, it can just be slight hints.

  2. LABEL your comment title with the following: Drabble Title - ________/Sakura - Rating (i.e. g, pg, pg-13, r, nc-17)

  3. You can post as many drabbles as you want. There is no limit. In fact, I encourage everyone to write more than one.

  4. The only length requirement is that it must fit into ONE comment (no 2 part-ers allowed). You can fit 4300 characters in a comment (that's including spaces, so be mindful) and if yours is too long - edit, my friend.

  5. Please, at least try to beta these. They're short. There should be no reason for egregious grammatical errors. But, if for some reason there are errors, fear not. You are able to edit comments. Just, try not to do it too often. My inbox is going to be flooded enough as it is with these. =_= Thank you.

  6. Anonymous comments are allowed, if you feel the need. However IP tracking is ACTIVATED - so no drama-rama please.

  7. And lastly, remember to PIMP this everywhere!!! Our goal is to get at least ONE drabble for every Sakura Ship, so we are going to need lots of participants. Think of this like a contest. Which ship can get the most drabbles? Copy and paste the following code:

That's it, so - GET TO IT!!!!

Once you've posted a drabble, I will list it under the pairing. I will make new categories if the need arises. So, don't worry about having to stick to this list. These are just place holders for now. Go wild.

  • ???/sakura
  • akatsuki/sakura
  • anko/sakura
  • asuma/sakura - Plain Words |
  • blue/sakura
  • chouji/sakura - Gains |
  • deidara/sakura - Breathe|Kindling|
  • dosu/sakura
  • ebisu/sakura - Of waves and land |
  • gaara/sakura
  • gai/sakura - Thoughts of Yesturyear|
  • genma/sakura - It's Always the Same|
  • haku/sakura
  • hanabi/sakura
  • hayate/sakura
  • hidan/sakura - No One Wonders Why|
  • hinata/sakura
  • ibiki/sakura - Defender without a dictionary |
  • ino/sakura - short and sweet are the words we speak|An Exercise in Futility (NC-17)|
  • iruka/sakura - Contaminated by Association |
  • itachi/sakura - Thank you, Fate|
  • izumo/sakura
  • jiraiya/sakura - Pink | Art Lover |
  • juugo/sakura
  • kabuto/sakura
  • kakashi/sakura - Learnt|Keep Breathing|
  • kakuzu/sakura - The Price of Life|
  • kankuro(u)/sakura
  • karin/sakura
  • kiba/sakura - Disillusionment|
  • kimimaro/sakura
  • kin/sakura
  • kisame/sakura
  • konan/sakura
  • kotetsu/sakura - A few run-ins|
  • kurenai/sakura
  • lee/sakura
  • madara/sakura
  • naruko/sakura
  • naruto/sakura - Karmic Retribution|
  • neji/sakura - Ill-Equipped|
  • obito/sakura
  • oc/sakura
  • orihime/sakura
  • orochimaru/sakura
  • pein/sakura - Within Prison (NC-17)|
  • sai/sakura - Bittersweet |
  • sakon/sakura
  • *sakura/sakura - When You Were Young|
  • sasori/sakura - Broken Doll|
  • sasuke/sakura - Not the Face, Please|
  • sasuko/sakura
  • shikamaru/sakura
  • shino/sakura - The First of Many|
  • shizune/sakura
  • suigetsu/sakura
  • tayuya/sakura
  • team 7/sakura
  • temari/sakura
  • ten ten/sakura - Never Alone, Stranger|
  • tobi/sakura
  • tsunade/sakura
  • yamato (tenzou)/sakura - Traps|In The Dark|
  • zabuza/sakura
  • zaku/sakura
  • zetsu/sakura
    Winter Ashby: Other // Fangirl Moderosweldrmr on June 27th, 2008 03:35 am (UTC)
    Re: short and sweet are the words we speak - ino/sakura - pg
    I think I may be in love with you... is there any fandom you're not in? And, you always like UC/crack, how and why are you so cool? I think you're my fandom soulmate.

    Also glad you like the list. I LOVE making lists. It's one of my favorite things to do. *is anal*

    Thanks for the inspiration and the great drabble. I love this ship.

    "And she admires that. When do girls learn to be so strong?" was my favorite part.
    kaikaiwynn on June 27th, 2008 03:36 am (UTC)
    Re: short and sweet are the words we speak - ino/sakura - pg
    i think i may be in love with you, too. i'm only in twilight, hp, narnia, and naruto -- i mean, that's nothing. hehe.

    soulmates for eternity <3

    i love lists too! masterlists are so much fun.

    thank you!! :)
    Winter Ashby: Movie // Narnia // Lucyrosweldrmr on June 27th, 2008 03:51 am (UTC)
    Re: short and sweet are the words we speak - ino/sakura - pg
    YES!!! SOULMATES for eternity. (If only you were in Roswell, I'd leave my fiance for you.)

    And I'm in, like, every fandom every (not really)...

    My best lists to date are my Uber Mega List of Ultimate Fangirling, Crazy Roswell Shipping Name List, and my Master Fic List!

    Once I discovered the ol and ul html codes, I never looked back. Oh, you should see the lists of all the Naruto related clubs on DeviantArt that I update and maintain. It's like a full time job.
    kai: summer glau's neckkaiwynn on June 27th, 2008 03:54 am (UTC)
    Re: short and sweet are the words we speak - ino/sakura - pg
    oh my god, we are the same person in two bodies.

    this is amazing!
    Winter Ashby: Other // Ship // Decartesrosweldrmr on June 27th, 2008 03:56 am (UTC)
    Re: short and sweet are the words we speak - ino/sakura - pg
    MARRY ME!!!
    kaikaiwynn on June 27th, 2008 04:19 pm (UTC)
    Re: short and sweet are the words we speak - ino/sakura - pg
    Winter Ashby: Disney // Cinderella // Luciferrosweldrmr on June 27th, 2008 07:02 pm (UTC)
    Re: short and sweet are the words we speak - ino/sakura - pg

    Best day ever!