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OTVB: One True Village Bicycle

Sakura Ships

Pink Crack
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ALL Sakura ships
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The goal is to get at least one drabble for every Sakura ship.
And we do mean EVERY.

Come over to pinkcrack and join in the drabble-a-thon.

Welcome to Pink Crack
the OTVB (One True Village Bicycle) Community for Hanuro Sakura (春野サクラ)
Thanks to the lovely array_of_colors, We are not collecting THEME SETS for Sakura Ships. Please be a part of the OTVB action and submit a set! To submit and for more information, check out this post.
C O M M U N I T Y - I N F O
This is a community for Haruno Sakura of Naruto and her many possible relationships.

We are an open community and ANYONE (not just members) are free to post here.

Just be sure to read all the rules first, or we will delete your post.

Remember, we are all here because we like Sakura with someone different, so be respectful of other people and their ships.

ATTENTION: We can only accept NC-17 rated art if all characters involved are clearly over the age of 18 and/or labeled as such. This includes links to other websites that contains NC-17 rated art. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we like this community and we don't want to see it gt banned.

Notice that as of now (08/15/07) LJ's ToS is only targeting ART, not fanfiction. So, we can still accept NC-17 rated fanfics with people of all ages. However, this community does NOT, in any way, condone the sexual portrayal of underage minors.

***NEW RULE***
If your post does contain NC-17 rated material, it must be designated FRIEND'S ONLY and be labeled accordingly. Thank you..
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